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Welcome to InLine Dimension the finest and most experienced InLine Skating school in San Diego.  With over twenty five years of teaching experience, InLine Dimension provides professional InLine Skating instruction for every level of skater from the rank beginner to the seasoned pro.  If you’ve always wanted to learn how to InLine Skate, allow us to teach you easily, quickly and safely while you're having fun (usually in only one or two lessons).  InLine skaters who take lessons always do much better than those who are self-taught.  Self-taught skaters consistently acquire numerous bad habits which are extremely difficult to unlearn and therefore never achieve the level of skill and accomplishment as do skaters initially taught by a professional instructor. 

You can choose either a private lesson or a group lesson with your friends and family.  Corporate and University clinics are also offered for employees and students.  Whether you're a first time skater or an old pro wishing to learn new skills, InLine Dimension will help you achieve your goals.  Gift certificates are also available to ensure that someone you care about will learn the safe and proper method of skating.


InLine Dimension offers the following classes:

  • Recreational InLine Skating Skills
  • Artistic & Freestyle InLine Skating Skills
  • Skate to Ski InLine Skating Techniques
  • Aerobic & Fitness InLine Skating Skills
  • Pair & Dance InLine Skating Techniques
  • Speed/Racing InLine Skating Techniques
  • InLine Hockey Skating Techniques

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PRINCIPAL INSTRUCTOR:   Dwayne von Frankle

IISA Certified InLine Skating Instructor
Levels 1, 2 & Master Freestyle
IIFSA Certified Advanced Gold Medallist Level 4 Coach
Registered Pic Frame™ Coach

Dwayne began his career as a figure skater at eight years old. "Skating was my passion and the ice rink became my second home," says Dwayne, who also played hockey and skated with the local speed skating team.  Later he became an ice skating coach teaching skaters the correct skating technique.  When InLine skates first arrived on the market, he realized that skating outdoors was much more fun and enjoyable than skating in the confined environment of an ice rink.

In order to teach this new sport effectively, Dwayne set out to become the industry's preeminent InLine skating instructor, earning his Level 1 Certification from the International InLine Skating Association (IISA).  Later he earned his Level 2 certification and ultimately the highest level Master Freestyle Certification.

About his students Dwayne says, "Most are adults who want to learn the correct skating technique in order to feel safe and confident on their skates and who also need a patient, caring instructor to help them reach their goals".  He’s safely taught over 4000 students of all ages from 8 to 80 right here in San Diego, including a large number of students through The Learning Annex. (usually large classes with twenty to thirty first-time skaters on rental skates)  Over the years he’s developed many new and unique teaching methods and learning aids to assist the new skater to build confidence, learn faster and really enjoy the sport.  Dwayne's superior method accomplishes in one lesson what  less experienced instructors would require many lessons to achieve.

For intermediate and advanced skaters who wish to improve their skills, Dwayne will analyze your current technique, then apply his knowledge and teaching know-how to make the fine adjustments and corrections needed so that the skater can enhance the execution of complex skating moves such as jumps and spins.

For the racing skater obsessed with speed, Dwayne teaches both the "Classic" and "Double Push" speed skating techniques to help shave minutes off your best time.  InLine Skating is a wonderful sport for everyone and it will definitely enrich the quality of your life. You’ll look and feel fabulous from all of the zero impact calories you’ll be burning. Start off right - SCHEDULE A LESSON NOW.

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"I have tried inline skating several times in the past and after falling a few times I never wanted to try it again until my friend told me about Dwayne.  After one lesson with Dwayne I was able to balance really well on my skates and feel confident that I wasn't going to fall.  Dwayne also taught me how to stop properly which I was never able to do before."
    Karen Stanley - San Diego

"After playing roller hockey for a year I realized that my skating skills were holding me back from being a better player.  I took a few lessons from InLine Dimension and now feel like I can do anything on skates."
    Bob Sinclair - San Diego

"I'm a grandmother and I wanted to learn how to rollerblade so I could skate with my granddaughter.  I found InLine Dimension in the phone book and took a lesson.  I even surprised myself at how easy it was to learn and how well I did.  Now my granddaughter and I skate three times a week at our local park."
    Emma  Granger - San Diego

"My husband bought me new Rollerblades for Christmas but I could hardly stand up on them in the house much less try to use them outdoors.  I decided to look for a rollerblade instructor and found Dwayne.  When I showed up for my lesson, Dwayne immediately told me that my skates were the cause of the problem that made me feel unbalanced.  I exchanged my skates for a pair that fit properly which made an amazing difference in my stability.  Now, thanks to Dwayne, I have no problem keeping up with my husband when we skate together."
    Barbara Webster - San Diego

"My wife and I were going to be in San Diego on vacation so we thought it would be a good occasion to learn how to inline skate.  I called Dwayne and scheduled a lesson for my wife and I in advance.  Dwayne met us at our hotel and gave us a lesson right there in the parking lot.  By the end of the lesson my wife and I were both were really confident and secure on our skates and were able to skate every day during our stay."
    Jack & Debbie Marcus - Alberta, Canada

"Initially I had a very tough time trying to stand up on the skates and stay that way.  In the class that I took from Dwayne, he taught me how to balance myself; skating and turning techniques.  Later I practiced them and am now able to skate."
    Sunitha Dangeti - San Diego

"I have been skating regular on the weekends since our class together last fall.  One of the best decisions I made this year was to take inline skating lessons with you.  It has been great fun.  I am sure my inline experience is much better and SAFER than if I had hacked my way through the learning curve.  I recommend your class to anybody who wants to learn how to inline skate or improve their current skill level."
    Robert Dagostino  - San Diego

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